What is Public Liability?

Public Liability insurance is a key cover for business owners, it provides protection in the event you are taken to court by a client, customer or member of the public. The cost of your legal defence and any compensation/settlement fees will be covered by Public Liability insurance. This type of insurance is recommended for a business of any size across a variety of industries.

Ensuring you are covered for Public Liability can provide business owners with much needed peace of mind if a claim were to be made against you. Having the protection of this insurance will allow you to keep your business running without the added worry of paying out for legal costs which can be very damaging, particularly to small businesses. 

Public Liability insurance is especially important if you carry out training activities on or away from your own premises.  It can cover compensation and legal fees if a trainee suffers a personal injury due to your negligence or if you were to cause damage to third party property. 

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