If you are a director, officer or manager of a company, the professional choices you make probably shape the business itself. But what happens if a decision you make causes harm to the company or somebody else? If you are found liable, this can have serious repercussions for you personally.

Unlike when a company is found to be liable for an incident, directors and officers can be held personally accountable. This can not only tarnish your professional career and future aspirations, but you could face hefty fines, bans and even imprisonment.

In the event of a claim, whilst you shoulder such burdens, your business will no doubt suffer also. Even if it is found you are not liable, the legal fees associated with defending yourself can be extensive.

Simply put, this cover protects and supports all the decisions you make.

There is constant pressure for directors, from regulatory bodies, shareholders, employees and members of the public who could take issue with your leadership.

Our specialist directors and officers D&O) insurance can alleviate risks, considering the potential for a ‘worst-case-scenario’.

Typically, our D&O insurance policies include cover for;

  • Breaches of regulation
  • Breaches of duty or trust
  • Slander and libel
  • Error, neglect and wrongful trading
  • Alleged wrongful claims
  • Employee-related claims

We offer a complimentary initial review to check the cover you currently have in place and can include D&O cover together with other elements of your cover.

For more information on D&O insurance, simply get in touch with our team.

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